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This experiment is best viewed on Google Chrome


Press "space" to eject all the people


This mini game is just a proof of concept to show the capabilities of JSMovieclip, and the workflow FLASH/AfterEffects > Texture Packer > JSMovieclip

It's all build with plain HTML, no canvas, no flash, just "<div>"
Of course it's not a good way to build real games, JSMovieclip is usefull to make small animation, for a logo, hover animations... not for a complete game. Again, this is just an experimentation to show what JSMovieclip is able to do.

It's a very simple and light adaptation of a mini game we made with love with Tiffany, Marie Anne & Jean at French Gobelins school for our final student project. It's a small part of our iOS application, UrbanTrap (not released)